Italian citizens

Legal requirements for ITALIAN citizens holding an ITALIAN passport.

We need the wedding documents 1 month before the wedding day in my hands. Please email me copies of them when ready, to make sure nothing is missing.


  1. Copy of passport for both the bride and the groom. If you have your own witnesses, a copy of their passport is also required
  2. You have to be 18 years and older to get married
  3. Birth certificates in International Form with apostile stamp
  4. Certificato Di Esequita Pubbliciazone with apostile stamp
  5. Marriage License in International form with apostile stamp
  6. Divorce or Death certificates if any with apostile stamp
  7. The papers can not be dated older than 3 months from your wedding date

All the above documents, need to have apostle stamps on each of them. The apostle stamp serve the purpose of authenticating your document for use abroad. Each document needs its own stamp. You can obtain these stamps from your Ministry of Foreign Affairs

You have to be in Santorini 1 (one) business day after your wedding to register your wedding. If that is not possible, you must obtain a document that will give my agency the authority to register your wedding on your behalf and you have to contact me to send you via email a sample of that document

pdf-iconYou can see copy of the documentation by clicking the links below

Birth certificate | Marriage license | Certificato de esequita