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Santorini Wedding is a romantic affair. The ceremony can held at the edge of the caldera by a pool, in a restaurant or on the beach. The backdrop of the volcano & breathtaking sunset promise you treasured memories for years to come ...

For more information about Santorini please go to our partner web site at www.santorinitravel.com

Anemos Beach Lounge

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Anemos Beach Lounge. Perivolos Beach. Stylish, relaxing beach venue for your wedding reception in Santorini - hold a truly romantic wedding and have the best wedding party on the beach!

Anemos is much more than a wedding venue - experienced at diversified event planning, the Anemos offers specialized staff and excellent organisational skills. It can host events such fashion shows, anniversary & birthday celebrations, themed beach parties, corporate events and much more. The banquet facilities, under the supervision of the in-house VIP hostess, can cover all your needs, creating the ideal setting for a perfect wedding celebration.

Anemos Beach Lounge promises that your wedding reception in Santorini will be your best memory from our beautiful island.

Available for Wedding Ceremony & Reception

Fees & Services

Private Party Rental Fee

- Up to 20 participants : 2000 euro

- 20 to 40 participants : 1500 euro

- 40 to 50 participants : 1000 euro

- 50 or more participants : no fee is charged

Anemos Beach Lounge Wedding Menus pdf-icon

To register for a Anemos Beach Lounge Wedding,

email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.