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Santorini Wedding is a romantic affair. The ceremony can held at the edge of the caldera by a pool, in a restaurant or on the beach. The backdrop of the volcano & breathtaking sunset promise you treasured memories for years to come ...

For more information about Santorini please go to our partner web site at www.santorinitravel.com

Athermi Restaurant

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Athermi Restaurant is located in the Village of Megalohori on the beautiful island of Santorini, Greece. With breathtaking views of the famous volcano and the world renowned enchanting sunsets, Athermi's delicious menu and impeccable service will satisfy every appetite.

Athermi Restaurant is a marriage of the old and the new. 

Situated on the Caldera cliff of the traditional village of Megalohori, Athermi has one of the most breathtaking views in Santorini. Dine outside under a roof of bougainvillea or indoors  and enjoy with the music of the night. 

Stay for an hour to enjoy a fantastic sunset or stay the whole night. We promise unforgettable moments!

We hope you will visit us at Athermi Restaurant soon. Reservations are not required. However, if you are planning a special event please let us know ahead of time by phone or e mail.


Here you will find our Wedding Menus pdf-icon